Sometimes innovation is
inside the box

At WTI, we're using existing technologies in unconventional ways to provide 3D safety and data communications around the globe.

Welcome to GigaNet

​GigaNet is a self-healing ad-hoc mesh network that will connect all modes of transportation to ensure, safety, connectivity, efficiency and management. It will pass more data with less latency than current terrestrial and Satellite systems and is designed to integrate with current devices and networks. It can also stand alone with no infrastructure support for off-grid emergency operations. We are building a worldwide self-sustaining network of decentralized connectivity!


Always connected and secure

​Our network is self-healing, it will always choose the optimum data path when current paths are degraded or severed. It also contains multiple layers of security so not only will your data remain safe, but you can travel around the globe and keep your home or group encryption, always maintaining your secure connections.


​A new way to stay safe

​The GigaNet is a multi-modal network that allows all modes of transportation to communicate and deconflict. WTI’s technology will bridge the gap between legacy and autonomous vehicles, keeping all environments safe while enhancing commerce and recreation.

Efficiency and Resiliency for 5G and beyond

​ Would you take a space shuttle to go next door? Buy a walkie-talkie that could only talk through a base station at your house? We hope you wouldn’t. That’s why our network will allow you to talk directly with one another whether at your house or in the middle of the woods, without unneeded delays or limitations.